Get Rid of the Stains on Your Teeth

Teeth become stained for a variety of reasons. the most common being food and drink. Tea, coffee red wine being the usual suspects followed by smoking. Teeth can also develop micro fractures within the enamel surface due to wear and


Easter Opening Hours

We will be closed from the 10th April for the Easter Holidays. We will reopen on Tuesday the 18th April. If you have an emergency please call 0345 548 8001 to leave a message and we will contact you as


A Big Thankyou

A big thank you to all of you that have helped in my studies. Patients, my long suffering team, family and friends. It has been a long time coming and finally I have been awarded with Master of Science in

Healthy Teeth

What is a Deep Clean?

A deep clean is a specific procedure carried out to treat gum disease. It is a treatment which is required to remove bacteria and tartar which has formed underneath the gum tissue, resulting in inflammation, bleeding and disease. Why is

Braces Factsheets

These days braces are not just for children. Many more adults are choosing to have braces that they may not have had when they were younger or to correct movement that has happened as the years have gone by. There


New Telephone Number

Our new telephone number is 0345 548 8001. The new number is effective immediately. This is a low rate number and is included within most mobile free minutes.


Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

Having a beautiful smile certainly looks great, and who would say no to that. However the benefits of having straight teeth are not just cosmetic. In my 23 years of experience patients want to have straight teeth for a variety


Book Your Next Visit Online

Many of you are using our online booking system. If you are not yet registered and would like to have the convenience of booking at a time that suits you, 24 hours a day, drop us an email and we will


All You Need To Know About Root Canal Treatment

Sometimes a tooth can die for reasons such as a decay or trauma from a knock or a fall. Other causes are a deep filling or repeated treatment on a tooth. It can then lead to infection and a risk


Meet Our New Dental Therapist/Hygienist

We are delighted to introduce you to our new Dental Therapist/Hygienist, Ayesha Asghar. Ayesha has already started with the Practice and is fitting in well. She is available on Fridays to help you look after your teeth and gums. As