Pay As You Go

This is a summary of our Pay As You Go fees. It is not a complete price list, as final fees will be determined after your examination. An itemised estimate will be provided before any treatment is commenced. Major credit and debit cards are accepted.

ItemPay As You Go £Payment Plan £
Adult-New Patient (includes x rays and digital photos)65N/A
Child-routine (under 18)21FREE
Child-New Patient21N/A
Emergency-Existing Patients55FREE
Emergency-New Patient (includes treatment for pain relief)158N/A
X Rays10FREE
Hygiene Treatments
Classic Hygiene47FREE
Extensive Hygiene90FREE
High Gloss Diamond Polish4136.90
Ultimate White & Bright299269.10
Gum Therapy (from)155139.50
Cosmetic Treatments
Tooth Whitening270243
High Gloss Diamond Polish4136.9
Crowns (from)
Porcelain Bonded450405
All Porcelain520468
High Gold549494.10
Veneers (from)
Bridges (from)
Porcelain Bonded395355.50
All Porcelain498448.20
Adhesive Porcelain299269.10
Adhesive Composite250225.00
Fillings (from)
Composite (tooth coloured)7971.10
Amalgam (silver coloured)6962.10
Root Fillings (from)
Root Canal Therapy129116.10
Dentures Premium High Impact (from)
Full Upper & Lower Acrylic980882
Upper or Lower Acrylic499449.10
Upper or Lower Chrome599539.10
Extractions (from)
Dental Implants (from)
Single Tooth (incl crown)19501755
Braces (from)
Inman Aligner18501665
Smilelign (clear aligners)29002610
Fast Braces19951795.50