First Consultation

iStock_000003412864LargeYour initial consultation is where everything starts. It begins with us taking time to listen to your needs and desires. This is followed by a thorough examination to determine the status of your whole mouth and supporting structures.

Our comprehensive assessment includes 10 major points and may take up to one hour.

1 Assessment of your general health

2 Evaluation of your dental history

3 Examination of your face and neck for lumps and bumps

4 Checking your jaw joint

5 Oral cancer exam

6 Evaluation of your teeth

7 Checking existing fillings and crowns

8 Assessing the health of your gums

9 Evaluating for signs of clenching or grinding

10 Checking your bite


It may also be necessary to have x-rays, models and photographs taken.

We will then explain the findings of your assessment and discuss how best to get your teeth healthy, functional and looking the way you want.

An estimate will then be provided and we can discuss the different ways of paying for your investment.