What Is A Hygienist

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Our dental hygienist is a qualified and highly trained dental care professional who specialises in preventive oral care, working closely alongside the dentist and playing a vital role within the dental team.The hygienist will provide you with educational, clinical, and therapeutic services to enhance your oral as well as your general health. The application of professional skills and knowledge will help prevent, detect and treat gum disease and tooth decay.

Why is prevention important?

Prevention is the key to a healthy mouth, preventing tooth decay, gum disease and therefore premature tooth loss. The dental hygienist offers individually tailored advice and education on the best possible ways you can take care of your own mouth at home. The hygienist will advise on the best ways to look after your mouth and how to select
appropriate equipment, products and techniques for you, with support and demonstration.woman smile

Not only does the dental hygienist offer support and advice but will also clean all surfaces of your teeth in order to remove plaque, tartar and staining from above and below your gum line. The hygienist will also evaluate the health of your gums and carry out specialised treatment of advanced gum disease if it is required.

Our hygienist can also explain the relationship between your diet and dental health, offering suggestions about which foods to select and which to avoid. Smoking cessation and advice about general lifestyle and how this can be altered to improve your health will also be offered.

The dental hygienist is an excellent resource that can help you and your family keep healthy smiles for a lifetime!Hygiene